Ultrasound examination

All examination rooms at GynCentrum have been recently equipped with a modern ultrasound device with the possibility of more precise evaluation of the findings. For pregnant women, we provide a specialized ultrasound examination with the top quality ultrasound mostly suitable for the prenatal care.

During the procedure, a vaginal probe is used. When the gold bladder is empty and the patient lays in the right position, its application is very gentle and unpainful. In case the internal examination is not possible, we can examine the patient by an external probe through the abdomen wall. The quality may be worse than in case of the vaginal probe but usually still sufficient. With obese patients it is sometimes impossible to perform this examination since the abdominal wall is too thick. 

The ultrasound measures the level of the endometrium, and discovers potential polyps or myoms. It is a very important tool in diagnoses of the ovaries. It is used to check their function and detect the ovulation. Simultaneously, it can distinguish between several kinds of findings from normal findings to endometriosis or malignant tumors. The ultrasound evaluates the shape, size, and internal structure of the ovary, the presence of cysts or any unwanted liquid in the abdominal cavity.

The ultrasound examination is an important part of the diagnosis in case of gynecological issues such as an ectopic pregnancy, inflammatory disease, ruptured cyst with internal bleeding, post-operative complication etc.  It can help in setting the right strategy in order to reach a complete recovery.

More and more is the ultrasound used in urogynecology, where it helps diagnosing and treating the prolapses of pelvic organs and urinary incontinence for men and women.

An ultrasound examination is a key diagnosis tool not only for the examination of the fetus but also for the examination of the pregnant women. (see prenatal care)


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