Therapeutic physical training

Exercise after gynecological and urological surgery

Exercising after surgeries prevents possible post-operative complications. It also helps blood circulation in the pelvic area which fastens the healing process, strengthens the abdominal and pelvic muscles and improves the overall mental and physical health.

Exercise during pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy is very important for maintaining a good condition of the body and soul of the future mother. It strengthens the muscles needed during childbirth and helps maintaining a correct body posture.  

Exercises supporting incontinence treatment

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles is a very effective method of incontinence treatment which leads to minimizing and preventing the leakage of urine.


Stretching is an effective method that can naturally and gently prepare your muscles for extreme sports as well as everyday life. Stretching is not just for athletes, but it is a good exercise for anyone who wants to keep their musculoskeletal system in a good condition as long as possible.

Training against poor posture and muscle imbalance

Poor posture disrupts a system of muscles, ligaments and joints, which hold the spine and the whole body in a proper shape.

It is caused by unbalanced use of certain muscles or their overload (for instance by long term sitting) but it can also have psychical reasons like stress, depression or tiredness.

The treatment focuses on individual exercise, adjusting the daily regime and preventing further impairment (special exercises focused only on the back).



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Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery is often applied to solve problems of middle aged and older patients.


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Tummy tuck

 After a rapid weight loss or pregnancy, the skin on the belly is loose and excercise does not help any more.

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Attractiveness of a woman is often judged by the size of her breasts.


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Sometimes, slight shape adjustments may be the solution to a perfect figure. Fat stored on the trouble areas of your body is easily removed.


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