Outpatient care

The outpatient care at GynCentrum is provided by experienced specialists with a professional approach. Our facilities are fully air-conditioned and open from 7:30 AM till 7:30 PM. When booking your appointments over the phone or via internet, we are doing our best to meet your time requirements. The outpatient care offers a wide range of treatments, as well as the outpatient ward of GynCentrum. We are able to solve acute as well as planned gynecological surgeries performed at the operating halls at our clinic.

Our facility though offers a full treatment starting with the prevention, diagnosis, prenatal and postnatal care, treatment of standard issues, pathological findings thanks to quality diagnostic equipment, and subsequently dealing with the issues possibly by a surgical treatment using the latest techniques and methods. All is done under one roof with a supervision of your gynecologist.

In cooperation with Prague’s prestigious clinical centers we ensure the following treatment for more complicated patients or in case of an oncological finding. These clinics are; Gynecology and Obstetrics clinic of University Hospital Vinohrady, Institute for the care of Mother and Child UPMD, University Hospital Bulovka.


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Popular procedures

Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery is often applied to solve problems of middle aged and older patients.


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Tummy tuck

 After a rapid weight loss or pregnancy, the skin on the belly is loose and excercise does not help any more.

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Attractiveness of a woman is often judged by the size of her breasts.


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Sometimes, slight shape adjustments may be the solution to a perfect figure. Fat stored on the trouble areas of your body is easily removed.


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