Mammology – Breast Care

The breast examination is a very important part of the gynecological prevention, which we offer to our clients. We have specialists in the field of gynecology, radiology (specialized on breast care) and general surgery (specialized on breast cancer) who work together to deliver you the best possible treatment.

The ultrasound of the breasts is an examination without any X-ray radiation. It is painless and can be repeated without restriction. It is done by a linear probe with a high resolution for soft tissue. This kind of treatment is suitable for women until the age of 40 years and pregnant women with a suspicion of a breast disease. It is also well combinable with the mammalogy examination since it offers slightly different results.

In our specialized ambulance we offer the following ultrasound examinations:

  • Preventive ultrasound breast examination
  • Soft tissue, gland and scar examination
  • Breast implants examination  
  • Additional ultrasound examination to support the mammography results
  • Abdomen examination (liver, spleen, pancreas, lymph nodes, ...)

The doctor explains the results to the patient and recommends the future treatment. Sometimes, a mammography is performed to clarify the results. In case of an uncertain finding more frequent checkups are planned.  Based on the findings, the next treatment is planned and the patient receives the medical report for her GP. The breast care center is led by doctor Ladislav Smrček, M.D..

Price list
An ultrasound examination of the breasts, the soft tissue, and the scars after surgery

  • For patients with the GynCentrum client card 300 CZK
  • For patients without the GynCentrum client card 500 CZK

Palpable diagnosis of the patient, with a request from her gynecologist, GP or a breast specialist

  • For patients insured in the Czech Republic this treatment is for free

The abdomen ultrasound

  • Prevention 500 CZK
  • Diagnostics – for patients insured in the Czech Republic this treatment is for free

A consultation with the specialist and a psychotherapeutic consultation 300 CZK


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