Ludmila Moses technique

The Ludmila Moses technique is very successful in treating female infertility and is therefore one of the first applied techniques once infertility is diagnosed.

This method was created by a nurse Ludmila Moses, who had many years of experience in treating back pain and functional infertility (which was at first only a side effect of the treatment). After some time, the infertility became one of the main reasons this method was used.

During this type of treatment, the spine, ribs and joints are gently mobilized and the shortened muscles are stretched. It is also important to perform a little bit of exercise at home on an everyday basis.

The technique can be used in the following cases:

  • functional female infertility
  • repeated miscarriages
  • for women undergoing in vitro fertilization
  • for women in menopause
  • incontinence
  • blockage of the fallopian tube
  • small, undeveloped, or inverted position of the uterus
  • pain in the external genitals, lack of orgasm, pain during intercourse
  • irregular or painful menstruation, absence of menstrual bleeding
  • constipation
  • pathological sperm quality improvement
  • back pain
  • hip arthrosis, tailbone pain
  • children scoliosis (under 15 years of age)




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