For whom is the surgery suitable? This treatment is suitable for women with a health or esthetic problem with their labia.

Surgery: The surgery is performed at the end of the menstruation period. General anesthesia is recommended as the procedure can otherwise be uncomfortable for the patient. One day hospitalization usually follows. The surgeon operates very slowly and measures the incisions precisely in order to keep the potential scars hidden. The stiches are absorbable.

Recovery: After the surgery, the patient has to follow strict intimate hygiene. In the first few days, the operated area should be kept without any bandage. The patient should limit sitting and have a 7-10 days of downtime. Patients do not experience much pain, only a slight burning sensation in the first two days. The healing period should be about 2 weeks long. Sexual intercourse is allowed after 4 – 6 weeks.

Price: The price varies between 15 000 CZK – 22 500 CZK depending on the extent of the surgery. The surgeon explains the extent of the surgery to the patient prior to the operation. Besides the price of the surgery, the patient pays for the anesthesia (3 000 CZK) and hospitalization. The hospitalization price differs by the type of room (one bed room 2 500 CZK/night, two bed room 1 500 CZK/night, four bed room 600 CZK/night). Pre-ops cost XXX.


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