Individual professional physiotherapy

Passive regeneration

Various relaxing techniques such as a reflex massage release tension in cervical spine (neck).

Besides the cervical spine, we take care of the whole spine and joints as detected by a kinesiology analysis. We know how to release tension in muscles by soft mobilization techniques, post isometric relaxation, acupressure, reflex massages and any other exercise individually designed based on the needs of each client.

Soft tissue techniques

By soft tissue we mean skin, subcutaneous tissue, fascia and muscles. The soft tissue must be flexible; otherwise it limits the overall mobility of the joint it surrenders.

As a result of an overload, illness or injury, the soft tissue may become stiff or grown together. The so called trigger points are then created in muscles and cause tension and pain.

The soft tissues technique may also be used to soften scars in order to limit pain caused by them over time. Overall, we wish to optimize the quality of soft tissues by several massage techniques.

Tailbone and pelvic floor syndrome

When the muscles connected to the tailbone are shortened we talk about a tailbone and pelvic floor syndrome.

Primary tailbone syndrome – as an effect of an injury for instance from long-term sitting, cycling, after labor or by falling down.

Secondary tailbone syndrome – the cause lied out of the musculoskeletal system. The symptoms must be carefully analyzed as well as the circumstances of their origin to set the right treatment.

Sensomotoric stimulation

Sensomotoric stimulation is used for treatment as well as for prevention of painful syndromes, which develop from poor posture. It is used to ease back pain, after surgeries, to speed up the regeneration of musculoskeletar system and as a prevention of repeated injury (improves the stability of the joints).

Ball exercise

Ball exercise is a method during which we press the acupressure points using a foam rubber ball. It is used as a supplementary exercise during a treatment of respiratory diseases.


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Popular procedures

Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery is often applied to solve problems of middle aged and older patients.


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Tummy tuck

 After a rapid weight loss or pregnancy, the skin on the belly is loose and excercise does not help any more.

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Attractiveness of a woman is often judged by the size of her breasts.


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Sometimes, slight shape adjustments may be the solution to a perfect figure. Fat stored on the trouble areas of your body is easily removed.


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