Gynecological prevention

Regular visits to your gynecologist are a key to prevention of serious diseases of the outer genital, cervix and uterus, ovaries and breast. The information that interest the doctor the most are; irregular bleeding, pain, or any changes, which the woman realizes during her hygiene, sexual life, urination or defecation.

During the examination, we focus on the area of the outer genitals; we evaluate the symmetry, the presence of inflammation, or possible prolapse of vaginal wall (after giving birth for instance).

By an optical device we examine the area of the cervix, where we can do the swabs for a cytological examination. In case we suspect a serious finding, we may do some additional tests including the diagnostics of the papillomavirus HPV, chlamydia testing and other pathogens or remove a sample of the tissue for histological analysis.

During the examination of the abdomen, uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes region (ie. Appendages), we focus particularly on the size, shape, irregularities and potential pain during the actual examination.

A supplementary examination is an ultrasound evaluation of the uterus and appendages, during which we refine the findings.  (see ultrasound diagnostics).

As an addition of the preventive checkup, we also examine the breasts with a use of an ultrasound or mammography device.  


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