Complex prenatal care

GynCentrum focuses mainly on the prenatal care.  However, the areas of human reproduction and the diagnostics and treatment of its disorders are also our concern. In our ambulance, we take care of pregnant women from the beginning of their pregnancy until the time when they give birth.

An ultrasound examination is a very important method of prenatal screening. The examination itself  does not influence the fetus in any way.

During the pregnancy, the following treatment is offered to pregnant women.

1. Pregnancy diagnosis – mostly done by ultrasound, the optimum time is between the 6th - 8th week after last menstruation. For patients insured in the Czech Republic, this examination is for free. The ultrasound can show if the fetus is correctly placed in the uterus and whether there is a heartbeat. Subsequently, possible fibroids, adhesions or polyps are eliminated.

2. Fetus screening at the end of the first trimester – the optimum time is between the 12th - 14th week of pregnancy, the exact appointment is set during the first diagnosis. We use a special program which is able to detect early chromosomal defects of the fetus, focusing on the Down syndrome (trisomy 21), the Edwards syndrome (trisomy 18) or heart defects. We also ask the patient to visit us for a blood collection two weeks before the first trimester appointment. The biochemical screening is then performed in a specialized laboratory. The ultrasound is performed by our specialists and the accuracy of detecting any possible defects at this stage (in combination with the laboratory results) is around 95%. In case a chromosomal defect is detected, the doctor explains all aspect of the future treatment to the patient and proposes the next steps. This examination is paid by the patient.

3. Fetus screening during the 2nd biochemical screening between the 16th - 18th week of pregnancy. This examination is similar to the screening at the end of the first trimester (above) and is also paid by the patient.

4. Fetus screening between the 20th – 22nd week of pregnancy. At this stage, we are able to detect serious morphological findings of the fetus. We check the heartbeat frequency, heart structure, behavior of the fetus in the uterus, and its position. For patients insured in the Czech Republic, this examination is for free.

5. Fetus and placenta screening between the 30th and 32nd week of gravidity. This examination is similar to the screening between the 20th - 22nd week.  For patients insured in the Czech Republic, the basic examination is for free. In case of a more detailed examination is needed, for instance of the placenta and the umbilical cord, a surcharge is applicable based on the official price list.


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