Client cards

GynCentrum offers client cards, with which you can receive free treatment, discounts on certain procedures and other advantages such as a pharmacy discount, on-line appointment booking, prescription service, or having laboratory results sent to your email.

We also use the money raised on the client cards to support our Babybox program.

The client cards are divided into three categories based on the extent; the Standard card, the Premium card, and the Pregnancy card. All cards are valid for one year from the date of their purchase.

You can find more information about each card below.

Client cards information:

Standard client card

Premium client card

Pregnancy client card


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For registered client card holders only.

Popular procedures

Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery is often applied to solve problems of middle aged and older patients.


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Tummy tuck

 After a rapid weight loss or pregnancy, the skin on the belly is loose and excercise does not help any more.

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Attractiveness of a woman is often judged by the size of her breasts.


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Sometimes, slight shape adjustments may be the solution to a perfect figure. Fat stored on the trouble areas of your body is easily removed.


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