Cancer prevention center (CPC)

Centre for cancer prevention offers patients a comprehensive range of services from diagnosis, surgery, to post-operative rehabilitation all in one place. The CPC is here for patients with abnormal cytological findings, positive results hr-HPV tests or with ambiguous colposcopy findings. Patients are examined and treated at the shortest time possible. In case a surgery is needed, all can be performed at our facility.  

Our highly modern equipment of our CPC ambulance (Olympus OCS 500 with a possibility of video recording) is created exclusively for patients with precancerosis of cervix, vagina, external genitalia, perineum and anus.

The CPC team consists of experienced specialized physicians who work in the field of gynecologic cancer prevention:

  • Peter Kolník, M.D. (expert guarantor, holds a functional license F 017 – colposcopy expert)
  • Alice Fuxová, M.D. (holds a functional license F 017 – colposcopy expert)
  • Karel Pohl, M.D.

The center for cancer prevention offers the following services:

  • Expert colposcopy of the cervix, vagina, vulva, perineum and anus
  • Sampling and evaluation of gynecologic cytology and biopsy
  • Testing for the presence of high risk HPV types
  • HPV vaccination (Gardasil®9, Silgard®, Cervarix ™)
  • Cervical conization by several techniques: (LLETZ-LEEP, Swetz-NETZ COLD KNIFE)
  • Excision of skin lesions of external genitalia
  • Consultation and advice

Opening hours:

Peter Kolník, M.D.

  • Thursday  7:40 AM – 18:20 PM
  • Friday    7:40 AM – 13:20 PM

Alice Fuxová, M.D.

  • Wednesday  7:40 AM – 18:20 PM
  • Friday   7:40 AM – 13:20 PM

Karel Pohl, M.D.

  • Wednesday  16:00 AM – 18:40 PM
  • Thursday  7:40 AM – 13:20 PM

To arrange a consultation, please call our reception at +420 225 000 888 or e-mail us at



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