Before and After the treatment

Are there any restrictions before and after treatment?


  • Sun bathing, self-tanning creams or whitening products are forbidden 14 days before the epilation. 
  • The hair should not be depilated by wax, paste, tweezers, or electric epilator 4 weeks before the epilation.
  • It is important to shave the hair on the treated area the night before the epilation or in the morning on the same day.


  • A slight redness may occur in the treated area. A red dot may appear directly where the hair was removed.
  • In case the skin is more sensitive, the treated area might behave as slightly sunburned. This sensation should disappear in one day. 
  • In rare cases, small burns or blisters may occur. If it happens, use products with panthenol, aleo vera, or flamigel/hemagel.
  • It is overall recommended to use products with aloe vera or panthenol for a few days after the epilation to hydrate the skin. Using after sun body lotion is also a recommended option.
  • Do not visit sauna or swimming pools 2-3 days after epilation.
  • Avoid UV radiation 2-3 weeks after epilation. In other case, use a high factor cream (SPF 50). 
  • In case of under arms, do not use a deodorant or antiperspirant 12 hours after the epilation.
  • No whitening products should be applied to the area 48 hours after the epilation. 

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