Tummy tuck

After a rapid weight loss or pregnancy, the skin on the belly is loose due to weakening of the abdominal wall. The excess skin is often not possible to remove even by regular exercise and so a plastic surgery comes to place. Tummy tuck is a large surgery where the excess skin and fat are removed and the abdominal muscles are surgically tightened. It is also well combinable with a liposuction. This surgery is not suitable for everyone and it is not a way to treat obesity. If you have any doubts whether this surgery is a good choice for you, do not hesitate to book an appointment at Gyncentrum to have your questions answered. It is suitable for women as well as for men. If a pregnancy or a rapid weight loss is planned, we recommend waiting with the surgery afterwards to achieve the best possible result. A less invasive way is the so-called mini tummy tuck which only treats the lower abdomen and is often enough to reach the desired results.

Consultation: During the first consultation, you can discuss all possible options with our specialist who will recommend a concrete approach to achieve the best results. Then, you will get all information about the surgery and post-operative care. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia so a pre-op examination is needed. This includes an examination by an internist, blood collection, ECG and measuring your blood pressure.

Surgery: The surgery takes 2 – 2,5 hours. One large incision is made in the lower abdomen. A second, smaller incision is around the belly button. The skin is separated from the muscles, which are then stitched together to tighten the abdomen wall (if needed). The excess skin is removed and the belly button is replaced. The scar stays in the lower abdomen and is easily covered by underwear. In case of a mini tummy tuck there is no need to interfere in the upper abdomen. The whole surgery takes up to 2 hours and the scar is slightly smaller.

Recovery: We recommend a 2 days hospitalization. Painkillers are prescribed in case of pain, which occurs mainly when moving around or coughing. In the first days after the surgery we recommend a semi sitting position and only light food is served. The stitches are absorbable. Special elastic suit has to be worn for 6-8 weeks 24 hours a day. In the first 7 days, the suit has to be kept on all the time. You should rest in the first few weeks after the surgery. You can return to your job after 3 weeks time.  Heavy work and sport activities are allowed after 2 month. The surgery is very effective and lasting when you follow the dietary regime and have enough exercise.

Price: The price starts at 1.310 EUR depending on the extent of the surgery. The extent is set with the doctor before the surgery. Besides the price of the surgery, the clients pay for the anesthesia (100 EUR per each initiated hour) and hospitalization (120 EUR per day). The pre-ops cost 200 EUR.


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