Breast uplift – single scar method

Breasts shape may change due to rapid weight loss and therefore reduction of the fat cells, pregnancy or breast-feeding where glandular tissue reduces. Breast uplift is performed under general anesthesia and lies in forming a new shape of the breasts. Breast implants may be used to add volume. There are several options how to perform this surgery. The incision can be made around the areola or cut from the areola down to the breast crease in the inverted T shape. The so-called “single scar” method is the most often applied approach.

The advantage of the „single scar“ method compared to the inverted T method is:

  1. The single scar method does not disturb the mammary gland; the women can therefore breast feed after the surgery without any problems. Also, no scars are made on the mammary gland (the scars might be misleading during an ultrasound examination in the future). 
  2. In most cases, the sensitivity of the areola is not reduced after the surgery.
  3. No long scars appear after the surgery in the breast crease (such scars are often visible in the neck line or on the outer sides of the breasts). The excess skin is removed, breast tissue is formed and the surrounding skin is tightened. The overall size of the breasts does not change, only the shape is changed and the breasts get a younger look.

Consultation: You can discuss all possible options at the first consultation with our specialist, who will recommend a concrete approach to achieve the best results. Afterwards you will receive all necessary information about the surgery and post-operative care. Before a breast surgery, the possibility of a breast disease must be eliminated with an ultrasound examination, which is done directly at our clinic. The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia, a pre-op examination is therefore needed. This includes an internal specialist examination, blood collection, ECG and blood pressure measurement.

Surgery: Breast uplift is performed under general anesthesia. The duration of the operation is about 1,5 – 2 hours, hospitalization for 1 – 2 days follows.

Recovery: A special elastic bra is worn for 6-8 weeks, 24 hours a day. The stitches are absorbable. Physical activity that may strain the breasts is prohibited. You should rest in the first week after the surgery. Light housework is possible after 14 days, heavy work after 2 months. Returning back to job depends on the kind of work you do and on your personal feeling. The surgery is very effective and lasting. As a result patients also mention a feeling of satisfaction, higher self-confidence and better quality of life.

Price: The price starts at 1.345 EUR depending on the extent of the surgery. The extent is set after the consultation with the surgeon. Besides the price of the surgery, the client pays for the anesthesia (100 EUR per each initiated hour) and hospitalization (120 EUR per day). Pre-ops cost 200 EUR.


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